BrainFit® Kindie

BrainFit® Kindie is an ECDA-registered preschool that uses a proven science-based approach that includes programmes developed and validated by research from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT universities. Having invested close to 2 decades into researching the best learning practices for children, we’ve developed a preschool curriculum unlike any other.

Great brain fitness does more than getting your child in ‘mental’ shape for primary school—it wires him or her for all of life’s lessons in the future. That is why a preschool that can maximise your child’s brain growth during his/her preschool years can ultimately stretch your child’s mental capacity to learn in his/her later years.

Every detail about the BrainFit® kindergarten from classroom set-up, time-table and student-teacher ratio, to the choice of curriculum themes and how lessons are delivered, is carefully considered through the latest in brain science findings. Our unique expertise in brain and learning optimisation enables us to accelerate the cognitive, learning and social-emotional development of each BrainFit® Kindie student successfully.

Our BrainFit® Kindie programme is now completely online! If you have a pre-schooler at home and are looking for home educational support, you may want to check out our fully bilingual BrainFit® Kindie Learning Channel.

BrainFit® Kindie Learning Channel

Our aim is for our Learning Channel to be able to reduce pressure on parents, rather than to pile on more teaching activities to be conducted by parents independently.

We know that this stay-home period can be extremely stressful for parents, especially if you are working from home or have household obligations to fulfil.

Our pre-schoolers will still need parental guidance on our Learning Channel, but we aim to reduce this as much as possible.

  • Our aim is to be able to engage our students directly so parents can get some “direct” child support at home to reduce pressure on parents.
  • Our team of expert BrainFit® Kindie teachers will conduct “live” classes for pre-schoolers on our fully bilingual BrainFit® Kindie Learning Channel
  • “Facetime” type of screen activity, with real human faces and interactions, are the most brain-friendly!

Complimentary Half-day Trial Class At
BrainFit Kindie Learning Channel

Complimentary Half-day Trial Class At BrainFit Kindie Learning Channel


Movement Class


Art Class

  • Experience a full BrainFit Kindie class with both group language development and movement lessons, as well as differentiated literacy, Math and art lessons.
  • See in action our interactive Science and Arts lessons.
  • Be able to communicate fully with our team of bilingual brain-based teachers on your child’s needs.

Language Class

How it Benefits Your Child:

  • Keep learning going for your preschooler through fun activities that develop their brain
  • Continue a regular learning routine at home, exceptionally helpful for the preschooler’s brain
  • Flexible home-based learning available so you can choose to attend just a couple of hours daily or a few days a week.

BrainFit Kindie Learning Channel Details

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    18 May – 29 May 2020

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    9:00am to 12:00pm daily, (Monday to Friday)

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    For Children Age 2 to 6 years old

Note: A parent should be present to assist the child with
the activities since this will be the first lesson.

Parents’ Testimonials

“There’s significant improvement within 3 months in my son’s cognition and emotional intelligence. This is his 2nd term and my 2-year-old is looking forward to go to school every day to see his kind and passionate teachers. Highly recommend.”

Ms Melissa Rae Lau

BrainFit School House | www.brainfit.com.sg